NOW OPEN – Witnessing Justice at Nuremberg

The New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance presents

“I show these pictures not with any vengeance… what matters to me is that they were humans.” – Larry Rhee, department of photographic evidence, Case No. 1, Nuremberg, 1945

“I had had only a vague conception of the crimes for which the Nazis were being tried. But my work in War Crimes brought me into contact with evidence of brutalities such as I would have thought only demented persons capable of committing instead of being part of a long-range, well planned national program.” – Dorothy Adams Greene, clerk stenographer at the trail of I.G . Farben, 1947

Through original documents, photographs, and artifacts, Witnessing Justice examines the challenges and importance of the Nuremberg trials and the international community’s response to Nazi crimes against humanity. Through personal narratives, visitors can explore themes of global justice, corporate responsibility, and the consequences of atrocities. It will also give insight into the experience of prosecuting war crimes from the perspective of members of the legal team.

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