Donate to the Library

The Silvian Library, established in 2013, supports and furthers the mission of NMHIM, part of which is to educate visitors. We are a non-circulating library; however, our collection is accessible for in-house research and study. Donations are welcome.

We accept books and films related to the following subjects:

  • The Holocaust or any one of the many genocides that have occurred, including books that explore or analyze the trials associated with genocide
  • Slavery, the effects of slavery, or the oppression of people of color
  • The genocide and oppression of Native Peoples
  • Japanese internment camps established during WWII
  • The history of immigration, immigrant rights, immigrant discrimination and exclusion policies, including but not restricted to discrimination directed toward Irish, Chinese, Jewish & Eastern European, Southern Italian, and Pacific Islander immigrants.
  • Latinx rights and Anti-Latinex movements, in particular those in the American Southwest
  • The disability rights movement and the persecution of the dis/alter-abled community
  • The history, oppression and fight for recognition of the LGBTQ and gender variant community
  • Exploration of any aspect of oppression resulting from ethnic, religious, cultural or racial difference
  • Memoirs, diaries, photographs, and letters written during and after the Holocaust or other genocide or act of mass intolerance
  • Children’s books focusing on these issues

We do not accept novels or films that fictionalize these topics unless they are historically accurate. We do not accept religious texts unless they manifest a direct causal effect for oppression or genocide. General interest books about war, specific battles, or the lives of military leaders are not accepted unless they directly relate to the Holocaust, genocide, or oppression in some manner.

The library keeps no more than two copies of any single book or film. If we receive books and films in excess of the limit, we select the two best copies for the permanent collection then sell or donate the extras.

Suggestions and donations for purchases are always welcome.

If you are interested in donating to the museum, please contact us at or at 505.247.0606.

Please include as much information as possible about the books or films you wish to donate. Museum staff cannot provide appraisal values for book/film donations, but we can provide a letter acknowledging the gift.

Thank you for thinking of us.