Donate to the Collection

The New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum collects in accordance with its mission to eliminate hate and intolerance, one mind at a time through the development of exhibits and programming. Artifacts and documents are the backbone of our museum and are crucial to our success. Here is a brief overview of what we are currently accepting.

Artifacts and documents

NMHIM collects primary source material related to Jewish life before the Holocaust, the Holocaust, the rise of Nazism and the Nazi War Crimes Trials. NMHIM also accepts materials that relate to other genocides and their causes. We collect artifacts and documents related to the fight against oppression and organized hate, as well as the struggle for civil and human rights, particularly in New Mexico. We are interested in items related to the history of Indigenous peoples in the Americas; Spanish colonization of the Southwest in the 17th and 18th centuries; Bosque Redondo and The Long Walk; the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882; the Fort Stanton, Lordsburg and Santa Fe Japanese-American internment camps; and Hispano/Latinx/Chicanx history.

Some of the materials we accept are:

  • Audio and video testimonies
  • Books, pamphlets and ephemera
  • Posters and maps
  • Propaganda
  • Film, video and audio recordings
  • Personal effects such as toys or jewelry
  • Personal papers and government documents, correspondence, diaries, memoirs, and scrapbooks
  • Photographs and photo albums

Nazi memorabilia

Due to the large amount of Nazi memorabilia, such as flags, banners, medals, insignia and military reproductions regularly offered to the museum we can only accept very unique items that accommodate our current exhibit needs.


At this time we are not accepting guns, rifles or edged weapons. On rare occasions, and under exceptional circumstances, the museum may accept weapons that are not firearms.


The museum collects artwork created by survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides, those interned in camps and ghettos, resisters, witnesses, and rescuers. On rare occasions, and under exceptional circumstances, the museum may acquire original works of art created outside of these guidelines.

If you are interested in donating to the museum, please contact us at or at 505.247.0606.

Please include as much information as possible about the item you wish to donate and how it was acquired. Unsolicited donations sent through the mail or without appointment in person cannot be accepted. Museum staff cannot provide appraisal values for donations.

Thank you for thinking of us!