Arts Integration

The foundation for our education programs is based on the lessons learned from the Holocaust. While we educate both adults and children, our main focus is our kindergarten through 12th grade lessons. By engaging students through arts-making projects, we help them process difficult subjects, build empathy, and learn how to apply the lessons to their own lives.

All curricula are age-appropriate and available to teachers free of charge.

Why arts integrated education?

Research into the impact of the arts on student learning demonstrates that many positive affective and cognitive skills are acquired when students are engaged in this way. Additionally, research affirms that students who participate in the arts stay in school and do better academically compared to those who are not engaged in arts learning in any way. NMHIM provides resources, curricula, lesson plans, and arts integrated lessons for all grade levels. That we choose to use an arts integration model makes us unique among Holocaust museums.

Lesson Plans

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all lesson plans are in PDF format.

Arts Integrated (Podcast)

Behind the Lens: Student Portayals of a Troubled World (Documentary Filmmaking)

Stand Up! Be Counted! (Monologue & Soliloquy)

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