New Mexico Holocaust Survivors

This collection of interviews with first and second generation survivors of the Holocaust provides a deeper look into history. Each survivor shares a profoundly personal story embedded in the course of world events. Hearing their stories is a unique experience and leads to a deeper understanding of the impact ideology can have on individuals.

If we understand the history of hate, we can recognize the ideology that brings about violence, and transform it.

The current exhibit includes:

  • Paul Gilon, born in France just before the Nazi occupation.
  • Miriam Burhans, born in a displaced persons camp in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1947. 
  • Raya Kovensky, born in Danzig/Gdansk, then Germany, shortly before Hitler’s rise to power.
  • Michael Limanovich, born in Olechnovici, Poland, in 1927.
  • Adelina Puccini Timofejew, born in 1915. 
  • Regina Zeigler, born in a displaced persons camp in Munich, Germany, in 1947.
  • Werner Gellert, born in Breslau, Germany, in 1926, just before Hitler’s rise to power.
This exhibit will grow as we continue to document New Mexico survivors.