The Herald – Spring 2022

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  • School field trips to museum are back in vogue
  • Outreach programs on hiatus
  • Archives Alive! Freedom prints intended to further civil rights
  • Yom HaShoah commemoration features unique photo exhibit
  • In Albuquerque: Yom HaShoah interfaith events began 43 years ago
  • Volunteer spotlight: Looking at the past sheds light on the present
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    * Our reason for being
  • Every year on April 24: International Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
  • Genocide in History: Research and development continues for new brochures in museum series
  • Now available online and in the museum: Note cards, masks, and beautiful books
    * Support Ukraine: Buy sunflower note cards
    * Jews of the Wild West arrive
  • Silvian Library & Study Center: Resilience is one theme of YA historical fiction

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