Black History Month 2022

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque in collaboration with the New Mexico Holocaust Museum present a series of online programs to honor Black History Month.

Blacks, Jews and Jazz

An exploration of the unique ways African-Americans
and American Jews have interrelated through jazz

In commemoration of Black History Month, join this interactive, on-line series from the safety of home

  • Sunday, 2/6 – 2pm
    Body And Soul: An American Bridge (USA, 2016; 58 minutes)
    Screening period 2/3 – 2/6; Post-screening discussion on 2/6

    This haunting jazz standard written by Jewish composer, Johnny Green, has inspired more than 3,000 recordings, most notably saxophonist Coleman Hawkins’ 1939 masterpiece. This award-winning documentary traces the origins and ascendance of the widely loved song, but it also looks at the social and racial currents surrounding it.
  • Sunday, 2/13 – 2pm
    Peter Gerler: Satchmo’s Second Family: The Karnofskys highlights Louis’ musical training, his roots in vocal quartets, the neighborhood parades he loved, his home, family and church, and his relationship with the Karnofskys-Lithuanian Jewish immigrants who helped raise him. Learn how Louis and his workingmen’s cohort alchemically turned their slave legacy into one of molten joy and musical revolution. Many musical examples interwoven in the talk will entertain and inform.
  • Sunday, 2/27 – 2pm
    Peter Gerler: Prohibition, Harlem Renaissance, and the Rise of Jazz covers how prohibition was never an easy sell. It brought plenty of moralistic preaching and lifesaving promises. But it had a hard act to follow-the triumphant victory in 1919 ending the war. Joyous Americans celebrated with parades and dancing in the streets to proto-type jazz bands in Chicago and Harlem. The rise of jazz was only beginning. Many musical examples interwoven in the talk will entertain & inform.

Peter Gerler has written, spoken about, and played early jazz music since the 1980s. He is writing a book about Joe “King” Oliver (Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans mentor).

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Black History Month Free Online Trivia Game

How much do you know about Black History? Click here to play a free Black History Month Trivia Game. Good luck!

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