Teacher Seminar: The Holocaust by Bullets in the Occupied Soviet Territory


This seminar is offered free to teachers, who may register or request additional information by
contacting leslielawner@gmail.com.

Yahad-In-Unum is a Paris-based non-profit organization established in 2004 by Father Patrick
Desbois. It is dedicated to systematically identifying and documenting sites of those mass
executions committed against the Jews and Roma in Eastern Europe. To this day, through its
research, Yahad-In-Unum has conducted over 175 research trips to 11 European countries,
collected over 7,000 testimonies of eyewitnesses of the mass shootings, and identified just
under 3000 extermination sites. YIU’s collection of testimonies has been made available to
educate the world.

The investigations, conducted in more than 5,000 villages, are the core of YIU’s educational
method. Direct and conclusive evidence collected on the ground has become a shield against
Holocaust denial. YIU’s teaching approach emphasizes the murderous and dangerous nature of
anti-Semitism and its rich collection of testimonies helps to deconstruct anti-Semitic
stereotypes and to understand the link between anti-Semitic rhetoric and its criminal

This seminar offers a condensed historical overview of this little-known chapter of the
Holocaust history and provides teachers with practical educational tools to be used in
the classroom. The emphasis is on studying and teaching Holocaust by Bullets as a
crime, and on making connections with today’s violence and human rights violations.

Participants will learn about:

  • who were the Jewish victims from the former Soviet Union
  • where and when Holocaust by Bullets happened
  • how to investigate a crime 70 years later
  • how to investigate about the Holocaust by Bullets with your students

If you would like a copy of Father Desbois’ book, Holocaust by Bullets ,or his other two books
please log on to https://www.bkwrks.com/father-desbois to order a copy.

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